An interview with me

  Is homophobia disappearing?
Sociologist Mark McCormack says it is — in the U.K., at least — and that it’s revolutionizing male friendships


New Internationalist: Redefining masculinity


Redefining masculinity: why showing affection is no longer a fairytale. Mark McCormack and Eric Anderson report on young men in Britain and the US who are no longer afraid of openly displaying affection.

My take on The Monogamy Gap

Maybe Men Cheat Because They Love Their Partners. An insane idea? Mark McCormack thinks otherwise.

Good Men Project: A high school without bullies

Consider the scene: Tom, a small, shy, openly gay high school student, sat at the back of the school bus on his own. He saw three of the most popular, athletic boys get on the bus, fresh from soccer practice. As they made their way down the aisle, they saw Tom alone and moved toward him.

What happened next?

Open Democracy: The softening of masculinity in English sixth forms

How has a decrease in the stigma attached to homosexuality impacted on the lives of boys in English schools, on their self-images, and on their relationships with one another?