Hey Bro, Let’s Cuddle

My new post on Playboy, about men cuddling


Maybe ‘that’s so gay’ isn’t homophobic anymore

In my new Conversation post, I develop my arguments about the meanings and effects of the phrase “that’s so gay” by discussing current research about how young gay men hear the phrase.

The Need for a Sexuality Education

In The Conversation, I call for a sexuality education that is compulsory for all and teaches about sex and sexuality in an holistic and nuanced way. This was covered in The Telegraph, and some of these arguments are developed further in The Declining Significance of Homophobia


Understanding LGBT Lives in a Context of Decreased Homophobia

Funded by the Sociological Review and hosted by the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities at Durham University, I am organizing a conference that brings together academics from across the UK to understand how the social trend of decreasing homophobia maps onto the lives of a diverse range of LGBT people. More information here.

New article on social class and decreasing homophobia

coverI have just published an article in the British Journal of Sociology that examines how class intersects with masculinities within a broader social zeitgeist of decreasing homophobia. More information below, and article accessible here or here.

The intersection of youth masculinities, decreasing homophobia and class: an ethnography

This article examines the emergence of progressive attitudes toward homosexuality among working-class boys in a sixth form in the south of England to develop an intersectional analysis of class, youth masculinities and decreasing homophobia. Drawing on three months of ethnographic data collection, I find that working-class male youth intellectualize pro-gay attitudes and that homophobic language is almost entirely absent from the setting. I document the presence of homosocial tactility, as well as the valuing of friendship and emotional closeness. However, these behaviours are less pronounced than documented among middle-class boys, and I use these findings to advance understanding of how class influences the development of inclusive attitudes and behaviours. Inclusive masculinity theory is used to understand these findings, refining the theory and extending it to a new demographic.

Paperback Edition of The Declining Significance of Homophobia

book coverThe Declining Significance of Homophobia is now available in paperback.

UK readers can buy a copy of the book here for £15.19, if they use the discount code AMPROMO7.

US readers can buy a copy of the book here, with a 20% discount with the same code.

BBC Radio 5

I’ll be appearing on BBC Radio 5 on Thursday 16th May at 8:17 to debate Diane Abbott about her argument of a crisis of masculinity. More information on her argument found here.

Call for Papers

Youth Sexualities: Call for Papers

A one-day conference in collaboration with the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexuality, Durham University and the BSA Youth Study Group

Friday 18th October, 2013

St Aidan’s College, Durham University

Debates about youth sexualities in popular culture tend to be fixated on crisis. Whether it concerns the sexualisation of young girls, fears around paedophilia or the supposed epidemic of homophobic bullying in schools, evidence-based discussion and analysis regarding youth sexualities seem to be sacrificed on the altar of moral panic. While the academy has been a venue for the examination of these issues, it too is frequently focussed on issues of crisis, often failing to recognise positive social change.

Youth Sexualities is a one-day multi-disciplinary conference that seeks to explore the diversity and plurality of young people’s experiences of sexuality. Papers are sought on all aspects of young people’s lives, their sexualities and the intersection of youth and sexualities, broadly conceived. Papers that push topical or disciplinary boundaries are particularly welcomed. The event will commence with three keynote presentations, followed by an open discussion of the key themes that emerge. There will be streams of papers in the afternoon to explore the diversity of youth sexualities in contemporary cultures.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Clarissa Smith, University of Sunderland, on young people’s porn consumption

Dr. Mark McCormack, Durham University, on heterosexual identities and bodily pleasure

Dr. Matthew Waites, University of Glasgow, on the age of consent in international contexts

Chaired by Prof. Jo Phoenix, Durham University

Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to Mark McCormack, at markmccormackphd@gmail.com no later than Friday 24th May. Abstracts are welcomed from academics at all career stages, including postgraduate researchers.

Review of The Declining Significance of Homophobia

My book is reviewed in Sexualities by Dr Sean Brady. A version can be read here.

Contexts Magazine

contexts_1110‘The Heart of Boys’. I contribute to a debate in ASA’s Contexts magazine, about the  position of boys in society.