Contemporary Debates

My edited book with Professor Rachel Brooks and Prof. Kalwant Bhopal, published with Palgrave MacMillan.

DescriptionContemporary debates in the sociology of education

The sociology of education is a vibrant discipline which has been responsible for a number of profound shifts in how we understand society. With innovations in the discipline sitting alongside more traditional lines of enquiry that continue to demand attention, this edited volume brings together some of the most prominent sociologists working in education today to address a wide range of empirical and theoretical issues. Adopting an international perspective, this book foregrounds cutting-edge research that highlights both the diversity and complexity of understanding education in society. Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education not only showcases the real strengths of the discipline but, by bringing together original, empirical work by leading scholars, it advances our sociological understanding, acting as a source of stimulation and debate for postgraduate students and academics, as well as a touchstone for undergraduates seeking to engage with the discipline.


“This isn’t another trot through the standard arguments within the sociology of education. It examines some of the key issues that will define the character of education systems over the next decade. It should be compulsory reading!”

– Phillip Brown, Professor of Sociology, Cardiff University

“This engaging book is not just about debates within the sociology of education, it also demonstrates how sociological perspectives can help us understand the ways in which contemporary policies and practices in education reproduce or challenge existing and emerging inequalities.”

– Geoff Whitty, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London

“This book offers ample evidence of the continuing importance of applying a sociological lens to the education landscape.  Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education offers international, timely and critical perspectives on educational policies, practices and processes. The contributors show how the key sociological concepts of social justice and inequality remain pertinent to understanding the continuities and complexities of education.”

– Amanda Coffey, Professor of Sociology, Cardiff University

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