Discovering Sociology

NEW: Second Edition published.

This second edition of a major textbook uses lively prose and a series of carefully-crafted pedagogical features to both introduce Sociology as a discipline and to help students realize how deeply sociological issues impact on their own lives. Over the book’s twelve chapters, students discover what Sociology is, alongside its historical development and emergent new concerns. They will be led through the theories that underpin the discipline and familiarized with what it takes to undertake good sociological research. Ultimately students will be led and inspired to develop their own sociological imagination – learning to question their own assumptions about the society, the culture and the world around them today.

Historically, the majority of introductory Sociology textbooks have run to many hundreds of pages, discouraging students from further reading. By contrast, Discovering Sociology has been carefully designed and developed as a true introduction, covering the key ideas and topics that first year undergraduate students need to engage with without sacrificing intellectual rigour.


‘This wonderful book brings sociology alive for students new to the discipline. It is bursting with vivid examples that will excite students’ interest and whet their sociological appetite.’ – Deborah Lupton, University of New South Wales, Australia

Discovering Sociology is a key text for undergraduate Sociology students.  Written in a lively and accessible style, it captures the sociological imaginations of readers as it discusses a wide range of contemporary and historical issues.’ – Peter Millward, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

‘This revised version of Discovering Sociology continues to offer an innovative approach to understanding the wide-ranging topics we as Social Scientists investigate. It provides in-depth and critical analysis of complex issues in an accessible and student-friendly way, while not shying away from exploring central and contemporary issues around ‘modern societies’, ‘transgression’ and ‘social transformation’. A solid and well-rounded introduction of Sociology to any student.’ – Eric Baumgartner, University of the West of Scotland, UK

“A dazzling mixtape of Sociology’s classic theorists, biggest ideas, and enduring approaches. Count on it to teach – and learn – the rigorous skepticism needed to navigate the world of fake news” – Judith Treas, University of California-Irvine

“Bravo! In this enticing and accessible textbook, four diverse sociologists offer an impressive array of research perspectives and provide a modern social science textbook for all concerned about the future of global democracy and survival” – Joe Feagin, Texas A&M University

“Highly readable, entertaining and comprehensive. This book made me want to be a Sociology student again. All the chapters are educational and inspiring in equal measure” – Marta Trzebiatowska, University of Aberdeen

“Not just an introduction to Sociology, this book is an inspiring, passionate and lively reminder of what it means to have a sociological imagination. Thoughtful, entertaining and always informative, this is a book destined to inspire a new generation of sociologists” – Raelene Wilding, La Trobe University, Melbourne

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