The Changing Dynamics of Bisexual Men’s Lives

Part of the Focus on Sexuality Research Springer Series, this book documents an increase in more positive experiences of openly bisexual men. Presenting research from sexology, sociology, and psychology, it features extensive findings on the sexual, social, romantic, and emotional behaviours of the 90 men interviewed in the U.S. and U.K. Issues and challenges are examined in such areas as identity and self-concept, along with the burden of social erasure and the paradox of stigma from both the gay and straight communities. However, the research reveals evidence book-coverof a recent cultural transition toward acceptance of bisexual identity and behaviour, with younger bisexual men experiencing better social lives and increased recognition of the legitimacy of bisexuality.

Bringing clarity and focus beyond the gender binary—and compelling insights into why society and science have trouble shedding that paradigm—The Changing Dynamics of Bisexual Men’s Lives will interest sexuality scholars, sexologists, and social scientists studying the social aspects of sexuality.

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